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Börda updated on: July 24, , h. Katie Barlowe Read More The European Gaming and Betting Association is threatening legal action against state-owned Swedish gaming monopoly Svenska Spel If Sweden wants to stay out of court, the Scandinavian country may have to make some significant changes to its gambling laws. According to Haijer, the current situation in Sweden may well leave the European Commission with no other choice than to take the country to the European Court of Justice. Go Directly to Court The controversy over Swedish gaming laws has to do with Svenska Spel , the state-owned company that has held a monopoly over the online gaming market in Sweden since it was founded in In recent months, many throughout Europe — now including the EGBA — have come to the conclusion that such a monopoly is in conflict with European laws that dictate the free movement of services between EU nations. But the börda few months have seen an increase in the level of pressure on Sweden to make changes in the near future. Late last year, the European Commission asked Sweden to change its policies towards online gaming.

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